Pointers from Asia for urbanization in Africa

Africa and Asia are latecomers to urbanization. In these two continents, less than half live in urban centers, while elsewhere, more than 70% of people do. But Africa and Asia are now rapidly urbanizing, with Asian cities growing at an average of 1.5% per year and Africa’s at 1.1% per year. While the world’s largest […]

Community-generated data crucial for implementing New Urban Agenda

Good urban planning can’t happen without a better understanding of informal settlements, advocates say.

Cities turn to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Citiscope’s Carey L. Biron takes a look at how cities are implementing the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Visualising the Smart City

The first ACC Brown Bag event of the year kicked off with Prof Gillian Rose’s presentation on ‘Seeing the city in digital times: image, flow and friction.’

How art can change a city

Beninese artist Romuald Hazoume questions urbanisation, governance, leadership and citizen participation in Cotonou with his exhibition ‘Aré.’

Land in Accra: a clash between tradition and the modern city

Jane Lumumba explores how Ghana’s customary land tenure system negatively impacts urban development.

Urbanizing in the Dark: Accra’s ‘Dumsor’ Chronicles

Jane Lumumba takes a look at Accra’s energy crisis.

Urban News Roundup – 24 July 2015

Urban news headlines from around the continent.

The cost of cheap cars: Gaborone’s transport challenge

In Gaborone, a city without a public transport system, commuters are snapping up cheap imported used cars, putting pressure on the city’s already oversubscribed roads. Kibo Ngowi takes a look at the city’s vision for an improved transport system.

Urban News Roundup: May 14, 2015

Urban news headlines from around the continent.