Fearful and austere Pride week in Zim

Kim Kardashian Ezmerald, a 17-year-old Zimbabwean, was crowned Miss Jacaranda last weekend at a drag-queen pageant, held at a farm on the outskirts of Harare, that marked the close of ZimPride week.  As reported by The Guardian, in a country where “homophobia is rife and anti-gay rhetoric was a cornerstone of Mugabe’s recent re-election campaign”, the […]

African Parliamentary Union to focus on conflict resolution at Libreville conference

Representatives of the African Parliamentary Assemblies, national APU members, and international organizations will be in Libreville, capital city of Gabon, from 4 to 8 November for the 36th conference of the The African Parliamentary Union (APU).  According to Gaboneco, the meeting will address themes such as ” the role of African parliamentarians to mobilize the […]

Youth in Rabat stage “kiss-in” to protest public decency laws

The hashtag #FreeBoussa, which means free kiss in Arabic, trended on Twitter earlier this month as Moroccans voiced their opposition to the arrest and pending trial of two teenagers for kissing on the streets of northeastern city Nador. To show their support for the couple people posted dozens of kissing pictures to social media sites. […]

Gaborone welcomes ‘African.i am’

African network agency, Brand Africa Global, will launch its African.i am inititiative, which is focused on development and promotion of the continent and its culture, during the 200 Business Assembly in Gaborone, a platform for marketing and investing in 15 african countries. The launch event will be held on October 28 and 29. As The […]

Rabat seeks leading role as innovative urban center

Since 2000, Rabat has strived to be more than the Moroccan capital. In 2012, the city applied to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and this year also recived the Agha Khan Award for Architecture for a transportation infrastructure project. And in recent weeks the city has played host to the fourth congress of United […]

New regulations for Addis cinemas

Over the past two decades, Ethiopia’s film industry has grown rapidly and new cinemas are sprouting in the capital city. But the new venues come with challenges, including poor seating, technical issues, and lack of emergency exits. Last month, the government updated its criteria for cinemas to get an official license. According to The Reporter: […]

Ghana’s urban areas to benefit from state housing plan

Brazilian company Construtora OAS and Ghanian company Italconstruct International will build 9,120 low-cost housing units in Ghana in the largest housing development scheme since Ghana gained independence in 1957. The news came after the government secured a $400 million loan for the project from Credit Suisse and Barclays Bank. According to The Africa Report: “The (current […]

Mentally ill people lost on the streets of Addis Ababa

An estimated 80,000 mentally ill people need to be admitted to hospital but are instead living on the streets in Addis Ababa. Stigamtized, they are alienated by society and considered to be possessed by the devil. The only two mental health hospitals in the capital city, Amanuel Hospital and Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, cannot accommodate […]

Dar es Salaam and Beijing sign new trade agreements

While visiting Beijing, the Prime Minister of Tanzania Mizengo Pinda signed five memorandums of understanding with the Chinese government that will expand trade opportunities, and promote Tanzania-Chinese collaboration in science and technology and tourism. As Daily News Tanzania reports: “The MoUs include that of collaboration in matters of science and technology, that of allowing marine […]

Rise of Wolof in the digital world

Although Wolof – which is spoken by 80 percent of the Senegalese population – was codified and standardized in the 70s, only 10 percent of the population can write it correctly. However, from the 90s, there was a rise of the use of Wolof in the public sphere, especially in urban areas. And currently, with […]