Dakar pioneers the tablet Internet café

Internet access is a problem for people across the African continent; many in cities rely on Internet cafés. However, high electricity costs and power outages plague these businesses and limit the availability of Internet. Google is pioneering a tablet café in Dakar, seeking to increase urban access to Internet. Treehugger notes: “If these cybercafes used […]

Huge express highway planned to connect Nigerian cities

The Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) recently declared that the reconstruction of the Ibadan-Lagos expressway is to commence soon and turn the decrepit road into a 10-lane highway. The project is to be funded by the Nigerian Federal Government. Land dispossession, funding, contracts, the state of the present road and the time it has taken […]

Increased number of beggars in Zanzibar

While some have reacted to news of the increase in beggars in Zanzibar’s cities with empathy and constructive solutions, other have demanded that government “eliminate the menace”, according to Tanzania Daily News. The study revealed that 65 percent of beggars in urban areas are women; most are between the ages of 40 and 60. Minister […]

In a bid to prevent terrorism, residents are being terrorised

Residents of Somalia’s second largest city are reportedly having their human rights violated by the task team assigned to protect them. The Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has been illegally searching the homes of residents of Hargeisa, destroying their property and leaving them fearful, in a supposed bid to combat terrorism. HTreats of terrorist attack have […]

Kigali experiencing severe shortage of office space

The City of Kigali has recently told of the need to examine the use of office space in Rwanda’s capital, as most buildings are doubling as retail and commercial spaces, and private houses are being used as offices. This has implications for the zoning – both present and future – of the city. CAJNEWS reports: […]

Mogadishu grinds to a halt

The week begun with many frustrated commuters in Mogadishu unable to get through the streets, following a suicide car bombing in the city at the weekend. With public buses barred from using blocked roads, residents are unable to get around the city. RBCRadio reports: “Early on Monday hundreds of security forces were deployed into the […]

Cape Town to launch day of citizen-initiated urban intervention

Based on an initiative in Bogata, Columbia, the 100in1day citizen festival of doing has spread to cities across the world. In its African debut the campaign will take hold of South Africa’s ‘mother city.’ According to 100in1day: Cape Town 2013: “100in1day is a citizen-driven and owned festival of doing, that invites and inspires the inhabitants […]

West Africa’s biggest mall under construction in Accra

West Hills Mall responds to the growing attachment Ghanaians have found to shopping malls for their safety and convenience. Architects intend for the mall to be of an international design standard and include local and international tenants. The $93 million, 10- hectare development is under construction in Western Accra and set to be completed by […]

Sino-African collaboration to rebuild Mogadishu port

Decades of piracy and war have decayed the once-powerful trading hub of Mogadishu’s port. However, a delegation visiting the Somali capital from Djibouti and China this week confirmed that the port is to be rebuilt. While specific plans are unclear, Djibouti and China will lead the redevelopment of the port.  Africa Review reports: “The group […]

Three-story building collapses in Lagos

  A baby died and other people were injured when a building collapsed in Lagos on Tuesday. The apartment block, which originally had solid foundations, was compromised by the addition of two storeys. This building collapse is one of many to occur in Lagos over the past decade. Over-crowding, the wet physical environment, a lack […]