Lusaka roadkill raises a stink

Residents of Zambia’s capital who are subjected to the smell of rotting carcasses on a regular basis were told by Mayor Daniel Chisenga that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) is not to blame, as there are adequate systems in place to deal with the issue.  “Non-collection of carcasses on some tarred and gravel roads has […]

Gaborone aspires to be a major player among African cities

Botswana’s capital was initially planned for 15,000 people and is now home to 300,000. Kibo Ngowi’s documentary film examines Gaborone as ‘the Rising City,’ illustrating its history, present circumstance and view for the future. Leta Mosienyane, author of Gaborone City plan (2009-2021), presents an overview of the history of Botswana’s capital. Emerging in the 1960s […]

House of mud and sticks priced at $2,200

While Swaziland has felt a palpable decline in the upper end of its housing market, the low-cost housing market is taking off. A one-room mud and stick house without running water or electricity has listed for approximately $2,200. It is currently being rented out for R140 (less than $20) per month. What makes the minimalist […]

Solar power for Nairobi’s Coca-Cola vendors

The Coca-Cola Company is distributing solar panels to its kiosk operators that can each power four light bulbs and charge several phones in a day. As AllAfrica reports: “The Managing Director of Nairobi Bottlers Limited Patrick Pech said the project will have considerable social, environmental and financial benefits. ‘The project is being scaled up in […]

Lagos to represent Africa at international conference on urban social challenges

The Nigerian capital is one of 22 cities nominated to present problems and solutions to issues afflicting cities across the globe. The conference will be hosted in San Francisco in May. While half of the nominees are from Spain, Britain and the USA, Lagos is Africa’s only representative. Cities Pilot the Future  intends to match […]

Police impound over 2000 boda-boda in Kampala

From 6 a.m. on Monday morning, cyclists were the target of a police crackdown on boda-bodas. The impounded motorbikes were taken to the Central Police Station in Kampala. Police targeted drivers carrying more than one passenger, those not wearing helmets, and those who did not have permits or adequate documentation. New Vision reports: “Some of […]

Proposed toll roads could cripple poorest Cape Town residents

The South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) is set to begin construction on e-tolls on the N1 and N2 – the two main highways leading into Cape Town. The structural legacy of the apartheid city is such that those who travel along the N2 into the city are disproportionately poor citizens who live in townships […]

Future African Cities: The new post-colonialisation

A recent lecture by Vanessa Watson of the African Centre for Cities questions how many of the latest master-planning proposals for rapidly developing African Cities are at best fictional renderings of false utopias, and at worst artefacts of a new type of exploitative and damaging property development. The lecture, entitled ‘Future African Cities: The New Post Colonialism‘ was […]

Kigali experiencing intense water shortage

Much of challenge of water scarcity in Rwanda is concentrated in Kigali, where the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 marked an unprecedented water shortage for residents of the capital. Kigali residents resorted to rationing in some areas; others depended on untreated swamp water. AllAfrica reports that Rwanda ordinarily relies on natural water sources, […]

Terrorist attack strikes Mogadishu

In Mogadishu on Sunday, two coordinated terrorist attacks occurred – the suicide attack of the city’s court complex and the bombing of a convoy travelling on the airport road. The terrorist attacks have been claimed by al-Shabaab, an Islmaic militant organisation linked to al-Qaeda, which has been historically active in the city. This is the […]