Kibaki calls for improved regional infrastructure

Kibaki said tapping into domestic savings would reduce the perennial over-reliance on external borrowing and grants for infrastructure financing. He said development of transport and energy infrastructure is a gradual process, which requires huge sums of money, and hence there is great need to diversify sources of funding, methods of ownership and management of infrastructure […]

The Great Unblocking of Beira

“Even if the Portuguese settlers did perpetrate some last-minute sabotage, these acts appear to have been isolated and negligible. The collapse of Beira’s plumbing had far more to do with the skills flight triggered by independence and Guebuza’s hostile edicts, and with unnaturally rapid rates of urbanisation driven by the civil war.” Read More

Harare Runs Dry

This has created a cholera scare reminiscent of the 2008 era when an estimated 6 000 people contracted the disease, with hundreds succumbing to the pandemic. According to the Harare City Council, the water crisis is a result of aged infrastructure, pipe leakages and demand that has out-stripped supply. Water director Christopher Zvobgo, in a […]

Cairo named the as world’s most 24-hour city

The study – conducted by website Badoo – looked at what time most people are online chatting and how long they spend doing so.It was discovered that people in Cairo tended to be online at 12.45 pm – that’s 75 minutes later than in London and three hours later than in New York.Montevideo in Uruguay […]

There is no human who can sleep in this

According to community members, “Red Ants [security guards known for the colour of their overalls] destroyed about 350 shacks on the day”. However, only 72 evicted community members gathered outside Constitutional Hill in July to seek legal representation, since many of the other evicted residents intimidated by the police had fled the area. According to […]

Sanitation Summit Calls for Urgency in Addressing Poor Service Delivery

The summit presented an opportunity for NGOs, community representatives, activists, government representatives, technicians, academics, experts and other stakeholders to discuss joint plans to improve access to clean and safe sanitation facilities in Cape Town’s informal settlements. Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille opened the summit, followed by responses from community representatives including the Most Reverend […]

Rot in FCT area councils

While the local governments in the states often groan under the yoke of governors, who wilfully impose their cronies on them in a bid to ensure local support, the local governments in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are not that yoked. The territory is governed by a minister who does not need to seek votes […]

Kenya’s Open Government Data Portal a First in Africa

The data will be available online in a flexible, user-friendly platform that will allow data users to view different data (including the national census data) at national, province, and county levels, compare different data sets, create maps and other visualizations, and directly download underlying data for their own uses. The portal will be one of […]