10, 000 condominium homes handed to Addis Ababa residents

In 2004, the Ethiopian government launched the Integrated Housing Development Programme (IHDP) to reduce slum areas and unemployment in Addis Ababa through low- and middle-income housing projects. Yesterday, the IHDP produced results and the city transferred 10,000 condominium houses to their future residents.

According to AllAfrica, “to date, the Addis Ababa City Administration has transferred 80,000 condos to residents of the city over the past 10 years. Close to 95,000 condos are currently under construction.”

The IHDP is an ambitious project that aims to “reduce slum areas in the city by 50 percent and address and improve the unemployment percentage in the capital within five years, through the building of nearly 400,000 new units nationally”, according to UNHabitat.

For more information on the story visit AllAfrica; for more on the IHDP visit UNHabitat.

Image courtesy of UN-HABITAT (2010), “The Ethiopia Case of Condominium Housing: The Integrated Housing Development Programme.United Nations Human Settlements Programme: Nairobi.” © UN-HABITAT / Katherine Hegab


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