Two new publications put Transit Oriented Development in focus

In South Africa, October is national Transport Month which is aimed at creating awareness about the significant role mobility plays in the economy. The South African Cities Network has developed two book publications: the ‘SACN Public Transport Investment Assessment Framework’ and ‘How to Build Transit Oriented Cities.’

Each publication addresses key questions relating to the critical interventions needed for more efficient and effective long-term urban spatial form and functioning. Each publication aims to contribute towards informing policies and legislation in what is required to transform South African spatial context and legacy.

The ‘SACN Public Transport Investment Assessment Framework’ highlights:that a research study was commissioned by The South African Cities Network to create a public transport investment assessment framework that encompasses broader built environment objectives. These objectives were taken from the South African policies, grant guidelines and the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) instituted by the government. International examples of assessment framework indicators were also assessed and their outcomes analysed and compared with the South African policy direction. The City Support Programme (CSP) indicators were then compared with both internationally recognised indicators and the built environment objectives, and the relevant ones were brought into a Theory of Change assessment framework. Where no indicators from the CSP existed, new ones were created.

The ‘How to Build Transit Oriented Cities publication highlights that a great deal of progress has been made since 1994, but South Africa is far from achieving the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) goals of ‘breaking down apartheid geography through land reform, more compact cities, decent public transport and the development of industries and services that use local resources and/or meet local needs’. Despite reforms to the planning system, colonial and apartheid legacies still structure space across different scales.’

Both publications are available from the South African Cities Network.

How to Build Transit Oriented Cities.’

SACN Public Transport Investment Assessment Framework (web)

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