Algerian craftsmen struggle to save the Casbah

The lack of interest from the Algerian state in the Casbah of Algiers, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is highlighted by rampant overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and the collapse of many houses.

As RFI reports, the Algerian Minister of Culture Khalida Toumi said last Saturday that the reconstruction on empty plots in the Casbah of Algiers should be started very soon, starting with the buildings destroyed by the colonial army.

Meanwhile, its inhabitants and “a few craftsmen who grew up and trained their whole lives trying to continue their work, which is the only real attempt to preserve the many legacies that contain its ancient walls” refused to leave the Casbah in order to preserve its unique lifestyle and traditions.

Mohamed Arezki Himeur, an Algerian guide and journalist said that although officially 10 billion was spent on preserving the Casbah, nothing has been improved.

Read the full story at RFI.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.


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