Arusha develops strategy to curb traffic in the city centre

The northern Tanzanian city of Arusha has developed a series of plans to decongest the city centre. New measures will include increasing public transport, designating one-way roads, and disallowing large trucks in the city centre.

Tanzania Daily News reports: “Initial strategies have been conceived to de-congest the city centre as the council works towards constructing bypass roads around the urban centre. The senior city official explained that the move will be taken in an effort to curb traffic jams in the city which suffers very few roads and streets in the backdrop of increasing number of people and cars in the urban precinct.

The 2012 National Population Census, whose results were tabled early this year, indicates that the city population was nearly 500,000 but during the day, additional 200,000 people from the surrounding districts, regions and even neighbouring country move within and around Arusha boosting the city residents’ population to nearly a million.

The other steps being taken to combat congestions in the city centre are banning large commercial trucks from venturing within the business district and reviewing licences for the town passenger commuter vans that will be expected to embark on longer routes.”

For the full story visit Tanzania Daily News.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.


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