Brazilian satellite city to be built in Abuja


In a bid to improve bilateral relations between Nigeria and Brazil, the Abuja administration has granted permission for a Brazilian consortium to build a characteristically Brazilian model satellite city in Abuja. This is set to develop infrastructure and housing in the capital, while allowing Brazil greater influence in Nigeria, a key trading partner.

Brazilians have also expressed interest in developing a university, world-class hospital, industrial park and mono-rail transport system in Abuja if the model satellite city goes according to plan.

Premium Times reports: Abuja Minister Bala Mohammed, in a power point presentation, “reeled out Abuja’s investment attractions such as centrality of location, excellent infrastructure, abundance of rich natural resources, relative security, neutral character and cosmopolitan ambience.

He told the Brazilians about Abuja’s strategic location as a territory that can be accessed from any part of the country by flight in less than one hour and from any part of the African continent in less than seven hours. Abuja’s unique position as the foremost regional, continental, and global conference centre in Africa was also highlighted by the Minister during the presentation.

He hailed the Abuja administration for the various measures put in place to accelerate the development of the Nigerian capital in line with best global standards adding that he has no doubt that within the next couple of years, Abuja would rank among the best cities in the world. He said they were delighted to learn that the Abuja master plan envisages the development of the city in a similar manner as Brasilia the capital city of Brazil.”

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Image: Brazil’s National Congress, Brasilia, via Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz.


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