Building safety revisited in Accra

At a seminar in Accra last week, entitled “Building Safety in Ghana: Aftermath of Melcom Disaster,” an engineer attributed the collapse of the Melcom shopping mall to preventable building security inadequacies.

The residential flats that had been converted into a mall collapsed in November last year, killing at least nine people. According to Desmond Aryee-Boi, a structural engineer with the Ghana Institution of Engineers, the main problems were the substandard quality of building materials and the lack of supervision.

Aryee-Boi said there there was a lack of supervision by qualified inspectors, non-compliance with planning processes and monitoring, reports Government of Ghana. He added that the mall which, under normal circumstances should have carried a load of 1.5 percent of the structure’s strength, was carrying more than 4 percent of the capacity of the columns.

Aryee-Boi called for the institution of a Certificate of Habitation for all buildings by the district planning and structural engineers, and the enactment of a National Construction Commission Law and other mechanisms by which to avoid future building collapse.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons user Guido Sohne


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