Culture of gun violence in Arusha

The impact of guns coming from Tanzania-Kenya border regions and Somali bases are beginning to be felt in Arusha, as hand guns increasingly cause deaths. Most of these deaths are fatal shootings by acquaintances, leading to the categorisation of the Arusha culture as ‘guns and roses’. Mariam Said of Tanzania Daily News argues that those in the mining and gemstone industries are at the forefront of this violence.

Tanzania Daily News reports: “of late, it seems the guns owners are trying to display what their muzzled gadgets can do; murders related to gunshots are becoming common in Arusha and most of them are in one way or another being connected to miners and gemstone dealers.

In Arusha a simple brawl in pub is most likely to end up with a gunshot and the guy on the receiving end will be killed. Guns are constantly being fired between friends as much as they explode in the middle of enemy groups.

With many unregistered guns running amok in Arusha City, killing a friend who has just teased your dress sense or a foe who robbed or swindled you of that precious consignment of minerals, money or even girlfriend has never been easier.

It is also common in Arusha for the face-less killers to turn up at their victims’ funerals without being suspected, shed crocodile tears and offer to pay all the funeral and burial costs in addition to dishing out large lumps of money to the deceased’s family.

This horrid occurrences where killers come to bury the killed is what is being termed as the ‘Guns and Roses’ syndrome, shoot the person and roses of sympathy to the family.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons user Phase9


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