Demonstrators clash with police in Alexandria

Dozens of people have been arrested following clashes outside a court in Alexandria where police officers were on trial for the killing of protesters during the January 25 Revolution.

Fighting erupted on Sunday between protesters and security forces after the trial judges announced they would step down just one day before they were due to deliver their verdict.

Hakim Abdel-Naim, a revolutionary socialist and student activist, told Ahram Online that security forces were conducting a crackdown on activists in downtown Alexandria following the clashes.

“Many people were arrested after the clashes. The interior ministry was arresting people randomly, dragging them out of cafes or even their cars,” Abdel-Naim said.

Most of those arrested were under 18 and some were as young as 11, he added.

Dozens of those arrested cannot be located, Abdel-Naim said.

“It has been almost 12 hours and we still haven’t heard from those who were arrested. Nor have they been granted the right to inform their lawyers of their arrest. By law this is not an arrest, it’s a kidnapping,” he asserted. READ MORE…

Reuters‘ footage shows of the court raid.

An article published by Egypt Independent has further details.


image credit: PressTV


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