Fuel crisis hits Cameroon’s cities

In Yaounde and Douala, motorists are seeking fuel as filling stations run dry. While there is very little information available, it appears that the cause has primarily been an issue with distribution.

While the cause of the distribution problem is unclear, Business in Cameroon reports: Meanwhile, at the National Corporation for Petroleum Depots (SCDP) that deals with storage, security and distribution, everything seems to have normalized. Soon, motorists should have access to fuel once again.

This follows fuel in Cameroon coming under the spotlight in recent weeks. The IMF has strongly urged the Cameroonian government to reduce or eradicate its fuel subsidies.

Business in Cameroon reported on the IMF visit: At the end of a one week visit to the country on November 25, 2013, a joint team of staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, through its leader, Mario de Zamaroczy, said the generalised subsidies to fuel prices are not an optimum way to use scarce resources, praying (for) the State to think about possible reforms in that area.

For the full story on fuel scarcity visit Business in Cameroon (fuel); to learn more about the IMF visit to Cameroon see Business in Cameroon (IMF).

Image of Yaounde via Wikimedia Commons user Borigue.


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