Gaborone seeks to close down large public gatherings

As Gaborone proposes a city by-law that will limit the size of public gatherings, there is a public outcry with locals airing specific concern for the law’s effect on cultural traditions.

The Monitor reports that the Gaborone city by-law, will affect sports, culture, recreation, entertainment, business and charitable events. The bylaw was presented to the city council last week and is open for public opinion.

There is concern that the by-law will affect the way traditional funerals, bereavement and weddings are conducted in Gaborone, as these are deeply cultural events.

“If the by-law goes through, the culprits will face jail terms of five years and P5,000 (USD 618) or either of them. It also states that while applying for such permits, the Gaborone City Council may require an upfront payment of a deposit determined by the Council, ahead of the approval of the application to host an event,” reports The Monitor.

The Monitor could not get comment from city representatives Friday, so it is difficult to understand the motivation behind the proposed by-law. Some residents, however, see it as” targeting beer guzzlers, party animals and night crawlers.”

Full story at The Monitor.

Image: Gaborone from the air via Wikimedia Commons.


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