Increased number of beggars in Zanzibar

While some have reacted to news of the increase in beggars in Zanzibar’s cities with empathy and constructive solutions, other have demanded that government “eliminate the menace”, according to Tanzania Daily News.

The study revealed that 65 percent of beggars in urban areas are women; most are between the ages of 40 and 60. Minister for Social Welfare, Youths, Children and Women’s Development, Zainab Omar Mohammed suggested an increased expenditure to reduce poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. She hopes this will lead to an increase in the dignity of urban residents, with fewer having to beg to survive.

Tanzania Daily News reports: “Do whatever you can to reduce the number of beggars on streets by focusing at the problems that prompt people to beg. If it is unemployment, jobs should be created because it is unacceptable to have people at the age of 40 begging,” a legislator said.

Meanwhile, the Zanzibar government has helped a total of 540 people (338 women and 202 men) to engage in economic generating activities in the islands, Minister Mohammed has said.

She said that a considerable sum was given in loans to the members of Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOS), and that her ministry would continue supporting the development of women and youths.

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