Kinshasa terrorised by youth gangs

Large parts of Kinshasa have become ‘no-go’ zones where youth gangs terrorize city residents with machetes, stones and rape. Successive civil wars, economic decline and large-scale unemployment have led youth to join gangs; ineffectual and corrupt police do little to curb the problem of violence in the capital city.

eNCA reports: “Kinshasa has become a playground for violent gangs sowing fear and transforming swathes of the city into “no-go” zones.

Youth poverty and unemployment fuel crime in Congo’s teeming capital, threatening government efforts to overhaul the decrepit city and attract investment.

Authorities admitted urgent action was needed to stop gang violence in the city of 10 million spiraling out of control.

According to the United Nations, Kinshasa has remained the fastest growing city in Africa, expected to hit 12.7 million people by 2020.

Kinshasa police chief General Jean de Dieu Oleko said: “It’s now or never to tackle this.”

“Everyone needs to get together and reflect on how we stop it. If not, in five years we’re going to have problems in our society that are unmanageable,” he added.”

For the full story visit eNCA.

Image via Wikimedia Commons user Moyogo.



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