Lagos to represent Africa at international conference on urban social challenges

The Nigerian capital is one of 22 cities nominated to present problems and solutions to issues afflicting cities across the globe. The conference will be hosted in San Francisco in May. While half of the nominees are from Spain, Britain and the USA, Lagos is Africa’s only representative.

Cities Pilot the Future  intends to match “companies, social entrepreneurs and research centres [that] have invested in technologies that change our cities”, with “cities searching for these solutions creating tangible market opportunities.”

The Guardian Nigeria reports: “Among the 2,535 innovators that competed, 120 providers were selected and invited to present their commitment to partner with cities and help improve the lives of 121 million citizens by implementing their high impact solutions to challenges such as social exclusion, energy management, urban dereliction, mobility and health.

To get the innovators to compete, the cities involved publicly published their most pressing urban and social challenges in areas such as social inclusion, health and well being, economic development, urban management, mobility, lighting, energy and sustainable lifestyle. Lagos is seeking solution(s) to provide access to the social and economic benefits of Internet.”

For more information on Lagos’ involvement visit Guardian Nigeria.

Visit Cities Pilot the Future for more on the conference.

Image by Jrobin08 via Wikimedia Commons.

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