Lagos residents illegally evicted in the name of development

Two prominent NGOs have released a report on evictions of Badia East residents during the first phase of a development project. The World Bank is funding the $200 million project in Lagos. Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC) and Amnesty International in their report on the February evictions call on the World Bank to better monitor its projects and the Lagos State governor, Babtunde Fashola, to commit to ending the evictions. The NGOs have firmly stated that the evictions violated the basic rights of residents.

AllAfrica reports: 9,000 residents, who were evicted in February without advance notice, lost their homes or livelihoods and dozens of people are still sleeping out in the open or under a bridge.

“The Lagos State government has given completely contradictory accounts of the eviction,” the NGOs said in a statement accompanying their report.

“While the … state attorney-general acknowledged that people had been evicted… the Lagos State Commissioner for Housing told Amnesty International in a meeting that the area cleared during the demolition contained no houses and was just a rubbish dump.” But satellite imagery from February and April “clearly exposes this as a fabrication.”

For more information visit AllAfrica or the NGO report.

Image of the Badia East demolition via flickr user Andrew W. Maki


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