New regulations for Addis cinemas

Over the past two decades, Ethiopia’s film industry has grown rapidly and new cinemas are sprouting in the capital city. But the new venues come with challenges, including poor seating, technical issues, and lack of emergency exits. Last month, the government updated its criteria for cinemas to get an official license.

According to The Reporter: “Under the new regulations, licenses will be revoked if the venues are below the required standard. The ministry receives numerous requests for new cinema licenses; but Solomon Denu (of the Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau’s professional certification regulatory desk) remarks that many are inappropriate.

The new laws state that venues should accommodate no fewer than 200 people, with at least a 45 cm distance between seats. Previously the limit was 100 people, with no mention of seating space.

Other requirements include soundproofing, separate toilets for men and women, an emergency exit and ventilation systems.”

Cinemas will be given a set time to upgrade, and could face possible closures if they do not comply.

Read the full story at The Reporter.

Image: Hager Fikir Theatre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Via Steffen Wurzel.


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