Northern territories rife with rebel activity

MALI: Latest on the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents’ activity is reported by Al Jazeera, in “Mali rebels advance despite French airstrikes.”

IRIN News reports on the fear-stricken capital of Mali’s Mopti region, in “Panic in Mopti as rebels move southwards.”

SUDAN: Local news source Radio Dabanga reports of displaced persons “pouring” into the cities of Nertiti and Kass, as militia battles in Sudan’s Central Darfur region continue. Read “Army, rebels’ battle continue; C. Darfur citizens still fleeing.”

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (CAR): Two weeks ago, Bangui experienced a security lockdown as rebel groups inched toward the city. Africa Review‘s “CAR rebels warn they could enter Bangui,” relays the story.

The New Times reports on the latest occurence in the CAR case, in “Temporary ceasefire agreed with CAR rebels.”


image credit: Al Jazeera


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