Racial division in Cape Town by the numbers

Using Census data, Adrian Frith, a software developer, has created an interactive map that shows the racial divides in major South African cities.

As a result, it is possible to see how the legacy of apartheid racial segregation has remained over time and space.

In Cape Town, “maps created from the data gathered during Census 2011 show that in the 10 years since the previous census, most of the dynamics between race and space have barely changed, but areas such as Woodstock, Rondebosch East, Pinelands and Kensington present a different view,” reports IOL News.

“We remain starkly divided,” Professor Ivan Turok of the Human Sciences Research Council, told IOL News. “It’s unhealthy. It creates resentment, lack of understanding of different cultures, suspicion and a lack of empathy.”

Priya Reddy, mayoral committee media co-ordinator, told IOL News: “Cape Town, as with every other major city in South Africa, is still dealing with the spatial and socio-economic legacy of apartheid.” However there had been an “undeniable level of integration in areas across the city”.

Read the full story at IOL News and get more information from Sustainable Cities Collective

Photo via wikimedia commons.


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