Tanzania gears up for urban future

Recent statistics indicate that more than half of Tanzanians will be living in urban areas by 2030. However, Tanzanian cities do not currently have adequate infrastructure, resources or planning. A number of development initiatives seek to prepare Tanzania for its urban future.

Tanzania Daily News reports: “The Strategic Cities Project (TSCP), Urban Local Government Strengthening Programme (ULGSP) and the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Program (DMDP), which is currently on the verge of implementation, are exemplary of ongoing efforts to give the urban areas a facelift.

Recently, TSCP continued with its implementation on the seven specific cities of Arusha, Dodoma,Tanga, Mbeya, Mwanza, Mtwara and Kigoma. TSCP is beginning to bear fruit as demonstrated by the formation of ULGSP, which is its brain child.

During the launch of ULGSP in Moshi recently, Prime Minister Mizengo expressed optimism towards these programmes, saying that the achievements that were evidenced by TSCP implementation made it easy for acquiring another loan from the World Bank for the same purpose of developing the urban infrastructure of the Local Government, on which ULGSP will perform its implementation on the 18 urban cities of the Mainland Tanzania, which will include all regions that were not under TSCP.

He said that the implementation of the ULGSP programme will cost 255 million US dollars within the implementation time of five years.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons user Hansueli Krapf


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