Three-story building collapses in Lagos


A baby died and other people were injured when a building collapsed in Lagos on Tuesday. The apartment block, which originally had solid foundations, was compromised by the addition of two storeys. This building collapse is one of many to occur in Lagos over the past decade. Over-crowding, the wet physical environment, a lack of adherence to building regulations, and occupants’ refusal to leave condemned buildings are contributing factors to the phenomenon of building collapse in Nigeria’s megacity.

Nigerian Tribune reports: “The phenomenon of building collapse in Nigeria, with resultant loss of lives and properties, injuries, structural and collateral damages to other properties as well as public infrastructures, is becoming quite alarming. Though cases of building collapse are not peculiar to Nigeria, the trend in the country is, however, becoming quite bothersome and a source of concern to all well-meaning individuals. 

The case of Lagos is particularly aggravated by its population density, the wet nature of the environment as well as the landscape of the state which most builders do not often take into consideration before embarking on building activities. The situation is further exacerbated by the refusal of residents to heed government’s warning to vacate buildings that are discovered to have faulty structures and therefore unsuitable for human habitation. This is often the situation with most collapsed buildings in the state. For instance, it is on record that the state government had warned the occupants of the collapsed building at 353, Agege Moto Road, Lagos of the imminent collapse of the building two years ahead of the eventual occurrence.

Similarly, the influx of many people to Lagos, on a daily basis, exerts much pressure on the available housing, leading to overcrowding in most houses with its resulting extra load and apparent distress of most buildings, particularly in densely populated areas.

For the full story visit Nigerian Tribune.

Image of a building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, via Wikimedia Commons user rijans.

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