Towards a transport master plan

EAST AFRICA: …The East African Community (EAC) linking Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, with a combined population of over 140 million and GDP of over $74 billion, has largely failed to tap the potential of its common market because of poor public transport  infrastructures, experts say.

The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) estimates that Tanzania is losing output worth about 4 billion shillings ($2.5 million) a day because people cannot get to work on time due to traffic congestion.

But Haji Semboja,a researcher at the University of Dar es Salaam Economic Research Bureau, thinks things are changing for the better. “There is a renewed sense of urgency among the political leadership and private sector to fix the infrastructure problem,” he said.

Until now, “the lack of a transport master plan for cities like Nairobi and Dar es Salaam is the main source of traffic congestion which increases operating costs,” he said. One problem is that poor design and planning of road networks and infrastructure make it difficult to adapt as cities expand, he said. READ MORE…

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Transnet Freight Rail has started negotiations with four railway organisations in countries north of South Africa to create a unified railway system on the corridor linking South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Transport Minister Ben Martins said on Wednesday.

The organisations are National Railways of Zimbabwe, Zambian Railways, the Congo Railway Company and Beitbridge Bulawayo Railway.

Mr Martins said a joint operating centre would be established in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to enable integrated resource planning and to achieve operational efficiencies…

…”The joint planning and business development will allow all four organisations to develop a joint marketing drive that is intended to encourage not only exports from South Africa, but also jointly identify the return cargo that will optimise the use of the same wagons for imports into South Africa,” the minister said. READ MORE…

image credit: Isabelle Prondzynski


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