Water shortage hits Windhoek

Owing to poor rainfall experienced this year and the resulting lack of water flow into dams, Namibia’s capital is experiencing a severe water shortage. The water in the city’s boreholes is unlikely to last for more than the next two years. Rain and reduction of water use are imperative for the future of water in Windhoek.

New Era reports: “Every year we look at the next two years’ water supply. After the rainy season, we determine what we have. We will be safe for the next two years, provided we get good rains during the next rainy season,” explained Ferdi Brinkman the engineer at the Department of Infrastructure.

Measurements taken in May this year show that water levels in boreholes have been dropping by an average of 2.03 metres since December 2012, due to increased abstraction of water.

“We will have problems in the next two years if we do not manage our water consumption,” he warned. As a form of mitigation, the city says it would only abstract water from boreholes when necessary.

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