Weekly news roundup: August 22, 2014

Algiers‘ old buildings to be rehabilitated

A rehabilitation operation for the old buildings of Algiers is urgently underway to save hundreds of buildings after an earthquake hit the city on August 1 of this year. – Algeria Press Service.

Freetown and Monrovia: Kenya Airways stays clear of the capitals

Kenya Airways has suspended flights to Liberia’s capital Monrovia and Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown since Tuesday due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. – NewsWeek (Reuters).

Monrovia on lock sparks heavy riots

Heavy rioting has been taking place in Liberia’s capital in the slum district of West Point due to a presidential Ebola quarantine order. Thousands of people living in the neighbourhood have been barricaded in by Liberian army troops since Wednesday. – New York Times.

Abuja residents embrace safety measures to avoid Ebola

Abuja residents have begun to adjust their lifestyles to avoid contracting the Ebola virus, a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) survey has shown. The virus is said to have claimed over 700 lives in West Africa this year. – Daily Independent (Nigeria).

Bentiu: child soldiers thrust into battle

South Sudan’s army, which was previously rebel forces, has used child soldiers during renewed fighting in Bentiu, the capital of Unity State, in mid-August against opposition forces. Human Rights Watch has condemned the violation of international law. – Human Rights Watch.

Nairobi residents not ready to leave slums

A draft report on Nairobi released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development last week suggested that many slum dwellers in Kenya’s capital are unwilling to leave their residences. – The Star.

Kisumu city’s slums to get piped water

The Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company has launched a Sh173 million strategic plan to have piped water in all informal settlements of the city.  The project aims to ensure that all residents in low-income areas have access to clean and safe water at affordable prices. – The Star.

Kampala City’s railway reserve eviction leaves tears in its trail

A sprawling trading centre along the railway line in Ndebba, Kampala, was met by a demolition crew July-end that saw to a kilometre-long stretch of kiosks being razed. Many evictees have taken their case to court. – The Independent (Uganda).

Kigali‘s quest for a sewerage system

The municipality of Kigali plans to construct a central sewerage system for the city to combat the flooding that occurs during periods of heavy rain. However, it is unclear whether the plans will kick off. The New Times.

Windhoek shack dwellers want cheaper land

A petition containing over 5000 signatures has been made to call on Windhoek Municipality to provide affordable land to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG). The handover of the letter to the city’s mayor, Agnes Kafula, has been postponed. – New Era.

Harare city vlei houses the homeless

Harare’s rivers and waterways have come to form an integral part of the capital city’s greening. However, their banks have also become home to some of the destitute. – The Herald.

Cape Town land grabs

Over the past week, scores of informal settlers from around Cape Town moved to occupy areas of land near the Marikana Settlement in Philippi. Law enforcement has been on the scene, and many new residents building their shacks are afraid of being evicted. – GroundUp.


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