Weekly news roundup: July 11, 2014

Accra‘s poor waste management poses health risk

Ghana’s capital city is being overwhelmed by uncollected rubbish. Despite a petition by city residents presented to the local mayor two weeks ago, little has been done to resolve the issue. – Deutsche Welle.

Hope and Konza: boon or bane to Africa’s tech movement?

The governments of Ghana and Kenya are committing billions of dollars to building tech capitals Hope City and Konza Techno City in the hopes of positioning themselves as ICT hubs in the region. – ThisIsAfrica.

Yaounde‘s youth forbidden from holiday roadside trading

The City Council of Cameroon’s capital has issued a communiqué forbidding children from conducting petty trade on public highways. Due to the danger risk posed to the children involved, government officials have declared the act punishable by seizure of their goods. – Cameroon Tribune.

Douala cut off by floods

Many houses, marketplaces and public areas ceased to function in Cameroon’s largest city until late on Tuesday after heavy flooding covered most parts of Douala. Residents of the city continued to flush water from their homes and around business centres. – Cameroon Tribune.

Mogadishu presidential palace falls under terrorist attack

Heavily armed Somali militants launched a large-scale assault on Somalia’s fortified presidential palace in the capital on Tuesday. – The Guardian.

Nairobi rally criticises Kenyatta government

Thousands of people rallied on Monday in Kenya’s capital to criticise what they call President Uhuru Kenyatta’s failure to improve the lives of ordinary people, more than a year after he came to office. – AlJazeera.

Kigali hosts summit for Women in Parliaments organisation

The Women in Parliaments summit wrapped up last week in Rwanda, the only country in the world with more female than male parliamentarians. The conference attracted delegates from 45 countries,  seeking to discuss the role of women in international politics. – Mail and Guardian.

Kampala tops child rights abuse list

A survey carried out by the African Network for the Prevention and Protection of Children Against Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN)-Uganda indicated on Tuesday that greater Kampala is the leading region in child rights abuses in the country. – New Vision.

Luanda: world’s most expensive city

The Angolan capital has topped the list for a second year running as the city with the highest cost of living for expatriates, according to business consultancy Mercer’s 2014 survey. Results from the study was released on Thursday. – CNBC.

Harare: from “sunshine city” to chaos

Once “a marvel to behold,” Zimbabwe’s capital city has become considered an eyesore, overrun by informal trade. With a pitiful national economy, life in Harare is now for many a daily struggle for survival. – Zimbabwe Independent.

Pretoria government’s new technology for housing crisis

South Africa’s Department of Human Settlements will soon introduce biometric technology in the allocation of RDP houses to eliminate corruption and manipulation of waiting lists. The announcement has come as thousands of informal settlement residents are left destitute due to the winter’s cold fronts. – SANews.

Cape Town residents take back their streets

Residents of Manenberg suburb in Cape Town fed up with gang violence are taking to the streets in a display of frustration and resistance through a “Take Back Our Streets” community initiative. The weekly marches are being supported by the national police. – Daily Maverick.

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