Weekly news roundup: October 17, 2014

Marrakech hosts Ninth African Development Forum

The Ninth African Development Forum came to a close on Friday this week in Marrakech, Morocco. Dr Carlos Lopes tells a story of Somalia’s port city, Mogadishu,  to shed light on the complex development concerns occurring on the continent. – AllAfrica.

Algiers and Ghardaïa police stage protest

Algeria’s law enforcement officers have staged protests in two major cities this week. While the demonstrations came to an end in Ghardaïa on Wednesday, they continue in the capital. – Algeria Press Service.

Lagos plagued by collapsed buildings

Developers in Nigeria’s largest city are erecting structures on wetlands in their haste to accommodate the mushrooming population. Shoddy, rushed and illegal construction, coupled with inferior building materials and corruption, has triggered the recent collapses. – Citiscope.

Bangui violence hinders relief work

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has expressed alarm at the recent outbreak of violence in parts of the Central African Republic’s capital Bangui, targeting civilians, humanitarian workers and UN peacekeepers. – UN News Centre.

Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa connected by rail

The Ugandan section of the Standard Gauge Railway was launched this week. The infrastructure project is part of an integration plan intended to connect Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda’s key cities, East African Business Week reports. – AllAfrica.

Mogadishu café shaken by car bomb

A suicide car bombing ouside a popular café in Somalia’s capital on Sunday shocked residents after the weeks of relative calm. A second bomb explosion occurred the next day. – Sabahi.

Addis Ababa’s greening strategies not yet visible

Ethiopia’s capital city administration started rolling out a 10-year master plan in 2012 aiming to make the rapidly developing city greener, cleaner and pleasant to live in. Many residents are not convinced it is working yet. – Reuters.

Addis Ababa: a suspected target for Al-Shabaab

United States Embassy in Ethiopia suspect that Al-Shabaab militants are planning to launch attacks on the capital city in the Bole area where the international airport and several diplomatic missions are located. – Sabahi.

Maputo: a rich culture is the best currency

Infrastructure in Mozambique’s capital may be abysmal, but the cultural scene is lively, diverse and sizzling. – Mail and Guardian.

Beira voters angered by election day problems

Mozambique’s general elections on Wednesday sparked anger in Beira, where residents complained that polling stations opened late and electoral registers went missing. Some voters suspect that complications were deliberate, Mozambique News Agency reports. – AllAfrica.

Harare demolitions cause uproar

Thousands of residents in Zimbabwe’s capital city and surrounding areas are facing eviction from their homes as local authorities embark on an operation to demolish all illegal structures. – IRIN News.

Harare’s street trade takes off with new commodity

Vendors selling a new ‘sex coffee’ that allegedly enhances sexual performance are making good business on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital. – Zimbabwe News.



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