Weekly urban news roundup: May 2, 2014

Alexandria death toll rises

Clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and residents of two suburbs in Alexandria, Egypt, broke out on Friday, prompting the involvement of security forces. – Aswat Masriya.


El Aaiún clashes with security forces leave 70 injured

Moroccan forces suppressed  ‘violently’ on Wednesday evening a peaceful demonstration in the occupied city of El Aaiún, Western Sahara, leaving more than 70 injured. – Sahara Press Service.


Abuja‘s second bomb attack

At least 12 people were killed on Thursday when a car bomb exploded in the suburb of Nyanya, just metres away from the site of a similar attack less than one month ago. Nigeria’s Premium Times has the latest. – Deutsche Welle.


Port Harcourt‘s May Day rally

In the spirit of May Day celebrations, Nigerian rallying workers in the city of Port Harcourt were encouraged to challenge the “unprecedented level of corruption” of government, Nigeria’s Daily Independent reports. – AllAfrica.


Douala: Malaria death toll soars

An AlertNet report states, Douala City Council has completed a drainage project to reduce the risk of malaria in the Cameroonian capital. With heavy rains in Douala and Makolo accounting for 40 percent of malaria deaths last year, national government is seeking ways to mobilise citizen support in the struggle. – AllAfrica.


Bangui too dangerous for muslim residents

Due to escalating religious violence across the nation of Central African Republic, peacekeeping troops have escorted around 1,300 Muslims out of the capital city, removing one of the last pockets of Muslims from Bangui this week. – Al Jazeera.


Addis Ababa students protest against city master plan

Thousands of university students in Ethiopia’s capital demonstrated this week against a development plan designed for the expansion of the city that will annex residential areas on the city’s outskirts. – Finfinne Tribune.


Nairobi‘s green lung grows private

The 62 hectare City Park in Kenya’s capital, a designated public space, is slowly being sold off to private land owners, allegedly through corruptive measures. Residents are calling on government to take urgent action. – The Star.


Dar es Salaam: upcoming centre for gas exports

Tanzania has undertaken development initiatives to construct a new port north of Dar es Salaam, designed to handle twenty times more cargo than the city’s current port. The project is expected to enable the country to become a leading exporter of liquefied natural gas. – East African Business Week.


Kibaha township to undergo public improvements

Plans are under way to build a new bus station and market in the Tanzanian city to enable better road services. Kibaha Municipal Council have, however, expressed concern for heavy rains expected to prove disruptive to the project. – Daily News.


Harare‘s debt soars

Harare municipality’s debt to the Local Authorities Pension Fund has risen to US$48 million. The capital city’s pensioners having now gone for months without getting any benefits. – The Herald.


Harare: Mugabe’s home to be the new capital?

Zimbabwean Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo, is proceeding with plans for the creation of Zimbabwe’s new capital city, “New Harare,”  in President Robert Mugabe’s home district of Zvimba. The project has been highly opposed. – Mail and Guardian.


Cape Town residents angry after power cuts

Residents of Crossroads and Nyanga suburbs have slammed electricity supplier Eskom for not giving them any notice of power cuts which lasted several hours on Tuesday. – GroundUp.


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