Sustainable Built Environment Conference 16: Cairo

Dates: 29 - 1 December 2016


Where: Cairo, Egypt

Egypt and the region are facing several challenges vis-à-vis the provision of energy and water. Nevertheless, in order to ensure an efficient and sustainable use of the scarce resources, our practices towards the built environment should be revised to accommodate the rapidly urbanized region. These practices need to be coordinated not only on a national and regional, but also on the international level to ensure sustainable developments.

Following the success of SB13 Cairo, The German University in Cairo (GUC) and The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC), are pleased to inform you of organising the upcoming SBE16 Cairo Conference. The conference focus/theme is: Integrate People, Process, and Technology – A proactive approach for a sustainable built environment.

SBE16 Cairo is one of the international conference series (SBE16-17) which will be concluded by the World  Sustainable Built Environment Conference WSBE17 Hong Kong.

SBE16 Cairo was conceived building on the concept that SBE conference series should be action oriented rather than merely a scientific gathering. This approach was followed in SB13 Cairo where challenges, potential solutions, and priority areas which need immediate attention were defined. As a successor of SB13 Cairo, SBE16 Cairo puts emphasis on the importance of ‘integrating’ stakeholders, processes and technology to ensure a sustainable living for all at present and in the future. The main goal of the conference is to demonstrate the applicability of integration of the three main aspects of people, process, and technology in the scientific research as well as in the industry through industry forums and exhibitions.

SBE16 Cairo is an opportunity for collaboration and therefore, should not be missed. ‘Integrate’ prompts not only the action of ‘integration,’ but most importantly it prompts determination; and thus, is an urgent call for ‘speedy’ actions.

Details for calls for papers and various deadlines are available on the website.

Photo credit: Sustainable Built Environment Series 

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