Alternatives to Landfills Symposium 2017: “Edging closer to a circular economy”

Dates: 23 - 24 January 2017

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

Venue: The Focus Rooms, Sunninghill

Conveners: Amabhubesi Conferencing & Training

Rapid population growth and urbanization in Africa has led to people generating enormous quantities of solid waste and consequent environmental degradation. The waste is normally disposed of in open dumps, which is both a nuisance and a cause of environmental degradation. Solid wastes cause a major risk to public health and the environment. Management of solid wastes is important in order to minimize the adverse effects posed by their indiscriminate disposal. Waste sources range from residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, construction & demolition, municipal waste, process (manufacturing) and agriculture and all these end up in landfills.

This two-day symposium focuses on possible viable alternatives for solid waste disposal in African cities. In our inaugural Symposium in 2016 we looked into the legislative side of waste management and this year we will focus on the actual alternatives to landfills. The blending of our top notch speakers from various fields in both the public and private sectors will help delegates understand environmental and financial gains in waste. Presenters will unpack all the tried and tested alternatives that can be used to alleviate landfill shortages.

Symposium highlights:

  • A case study of Plasma Gasification from Alter NRG in Canada
  • Municipal waste minimization initiatives
  • e-Waste in South Africa
  • Sustainable Construction Solutions
  • Medical waste in Africa
  • Onsite Waste to Energy Solutions
  • Mining Waste and economic opportunities present in waste management

For more information on the symposium follow this link. To register for the symposium follow this link.

Photo Credit: Evan Schneider (Flickr)

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