Call for papers: Green Urbanism

Bologna train station in Italy

Deadline: 5 May 2016 - 12:00am

Dates: 12 - 14 October 2016


Where: Italy

Conveners: IEREK

The world is in the midst of a disturbance of a growing, consuming population, and environmental degradation, which produces many environmental challenges such as global climate change, excessive fossil fuel dependency and the growing demand for energy, all likely to be major challenges of the 21st century and one of the greatest problems facing humanity.

In this context, urban design is the fundamental principle of how to shape our cities. Because almost half of the energy consumed is used in cities and urban built-up areas, it is necessary to avoid mistakes in urban design at early stages in order to own more sustainable cities. The 1st international conference on Green Urbanism reflects upon practical strategies focusing on increasing sustainability beyond and within the scope of individual buildings.

The conference provides a context for a general debate about the regeneration of the city center and discusses how urbanism is affected by the paradigms of ecology.

IEREK organizes this conference to deal with cross-cutting issues in architecture and urban design and address the question of how we can best cohesively integrate all the aspects of energy systems, transportation systems, waste and water management, passive and active strategies, into contemporary urban design and improved environmental performance of our cities.

The significance of this conference lies in the pressing need for the integration of sustainability principles in the urban design process of cities and the general need for a sustainable city development. It will be of particular relevance to the rapid urban growth of developing cities.

Conference Topics

  • Eco- cities
  • City Urban Form and Natural Resources
  • Eco-Landscape; Planning and Design
  • Waterfront Developments
  • Urbanization of Rural Area
  • Strengthening the Connection between City Center and its Gateways
  • Sustainable Transportation and Mobility Systems
  • Creative Environments: Sustainable Places of Living, Working and Recreation
  • Green Infrastructures and Social Services
  • Green Buildings: Designing Buildings with Nature
  • Energy-efficiency in the Built Environment
  • Waste Management, Pollution and Health Risks
  • Monitoring and Assessment Tools: Building Regulation and Performance Evaluation
  • Climate Responsive Architecture: Solar Architecture and Renewable Energies
  • 1 Daylight in Buildings and Nature Ventilation
  • Green Building Technologies and Integration
  • User-Building-Interaction and Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Innovative and Eco-friendly Materials for the Building Envelope


The conference proceedings will be published by ELSEVIER at the Procedia journal “Environmental Sciences”. ELSEVIER shall include the journal as a part of services in open access. The Participants are granted internationally recognized certificates from Universita Kore Enna and IEREK which will be added to their certificates of experience or could be presented to the official authorities concerned.

Abstract submission to: IEREK Green Urbanism

Abstract submission deadline is May 5th 2016.


Source: Green Urbanism Conference 2016 via IEREK

Photo Credit: Paolo Margari via flickr

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