Call for papers: Sustainable low-income human settlements in Southern Africa

Pruitt Igoe, vandalized windows

Deadline: 28 January 2017 - 12:00am

Conveners: Stuart Denoon-Stevens

Announcing a call for papers for a special edition of the Journal of Urbanism on sustainable low-income human settlements in Southern Africa. The focus of this special edition is on developing realistic models of urban sustainability for low-income settlements in Southern Africa. The aim is not to focus on the problems of urban sustainability in Southern African cities; rather the goal is to provide inspiration, examples and conceptual frameworks which unpack how regulation and intervention into these settlements can be done in a manner which is truly sustainable.

Examples of possible topics include:

  • Traditional dwellings in Southern Africa
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Human Settlements in Southern Africa
  • Public space, sustainable human settlements and Southern African low-income settlements
  • Urban design in Southern Africa low-income settlements
  • Best practice in informal settlement upgrading in Southern Africa
  • Planning for sustainability in rural areas
  • Gender and sustainable human settlements in Southern Africa
  • Building livelihoods through building sustainable low-income human settlements in Southern Africa
  • Embedding resilience in low-income settlements in Southern African cities
  • Understanding financial sustainable practices of building low-income human settlements in Southern African cities.
  • Integrating low-income settlements into the urban fabric of Southern African cities
  • Towards a Southern African understanding of mixed income housing.
  • Understanding the political, financial and practical realities of social and community facility provision in low-income settlements in Southern African cities

The journal welcomes papers from multiple disciplines, perspectives and scales, with various methodological approaches (both empirical and non-empirical). It encourages papers that investigate sustainable low-income human settlements in Southern Africa from different angles including theory, application, practice implications, and education.

Submit your 5,000 – 6,000 word paper to the Journal of Urbanism at  by 28 January 2017.

Guide for authors
To submit your paper, please click on the following link. On the “Details and comments” page, check “yes” under “Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?” In the box, enter “Sustainable low-income human settlements in Southern Africa” as the special issue title.

For further information please contact Stuart Denoon-Stevens


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Photo Credit: Pruitt-Igoe

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