Call for papers: 3rd Lagos Conference

The third Lagos Conference takes place from 14 to 16 June 2018 under the theme: Futurity in Lagos Scholarship, the Arts, Advocacy, and Social Enterprise.

The Lagos Conference is gradually establishing itself as a significant avenue to shape scholarly and non-scholarly engagement of Lagos by practitioners working across multiple fields and disciplines. The third edition of the conference seeks to engage the idea of futurity—a forward looking drive, influenced by a deep understanding of the past and the present. How do we imagine or picture the state of knowledge in our respective fields in the future? What are the contemporary and historical dynamics capable of shaping how we conceptualize, study, write, design, imagine, govern, or mobilize for collective action in Lagos of the future? How does popular and exclusive dynamics, operating at diverse levels of the society and across gender, class, ethnicity, race, location, and power formation, among others, shape how we produce knowledge, art, and organize for social good? Massive political, demographic, artistic, technological, and economic transformation have compelled us to revisit established narratives and assumptions about the place of Lagos in Nigerian and global construction of the future. As we reflect over the current status quo in our respective fields and vocation, we are equally confronted with our potential and active roles as molders of the future.

This is a call for proposals for panels, round-tables, and workshops from practitioners of Lagos across fields and disciplines. Proposals from scholars working in other African and Nigerian cities are also welcomes, in order to better place the intersections of futurity and popular and academic production of ideas in regional and pan-African perspectives.


Biographies of people, place, and things
Business administration, banking, and public finance
Cyber culture, digital humanities, and information technology
Decolonizing knowledge: African philosophy in local and global narratives
Education and intellectualism
Environment, sanitation, and conservation
Ethnicity and identity construction
Filming and performing Lagos: Nollywood, theatre, and expressive culture
Humanities and social sciences
Labor and entrepreneurship
Lagos pedagogy: Teaching the city in/and outside the classroom
Library, archive, and information science
Literature and language
Material culture and materiality
Public administration and politics
Public health and medicine
Public science
Religion, religiosity, and spiritual communities
Social activism
Sustainable development
Urban planning, process, and governance
Women, gender, and sexuality
Youth culture
And other related fields and subjects.



Individual proposals should include a 250-word abstract, a short bio, and email and phone contacts of presenters. Panel, round-table, and workshop proposals should comprise of a 250-word summary, and email and phone contacts of all participants. Selected papers from this conference will be published in a special issue of urban and African studies journals.

Due date to submit abstract: October 31, 2017.
Notification of acceptance of abstract by November 30, 2017.
Email submission to: [email protected]


Registration fee

Local (N10,000); International ($100).
Registration fee covers meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) throughout the conference.
All conference participants must pre-register by paying registration fee after acceptance of abstract.

For more information click here.


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