Call for Papers: Territory, Politics, Governance


CALL FOR PAPERS: New Geographies of Development

A new world order is in the making. In the North Atlantic, structural adjustment has “come home” with a vengeance and austerity has reemerged as a primary mode of governing. In the global South, notably in the BRICS, the fierce quest for sustained  economic growth is accompanied by bold experiments with human development and social protection policies. From the vision for a new BRICS development bank to rival the World Bank and IMF, to the vast apparatus of national social policies such as conditional cash transfers in Brazil and Mexico, to the staggering reach of the world’s largest NGO in Bangladesh, to South Korea’s shift from aid-receiving to aid-giving country, to China’s emergence as a key player in development loans and projects in Africa, the Bretton Woods regime is being rapidly revised.

The Editors of Territory, Politics, Governance call for papers that address these new configurations of territory, sovereignty, and governance and study these new formations of prosperity, power, and politics. Our interest lies specifically in “new geographies of development.” We take this to mean the ambitious endeavors to reinvent and renew development in the global South, both those being launched by the developmental state as well as transnational alliances and visions. However, the reinvention of development is also being pushed and shaped by powerful social movements, many of which are also transnational in scope and reach. This politics of development also requires careful analysis. Finally, we welcome papers that examine the ongoing restructuring of the North Atlantic welfare state, and its attendant politics, within the context of this rearranged world order.
Individual papers or Special Issue proposals addressing this call for papers are welcome.

About the journal:

Territory, Politics, Governance – a new interdisciplinary journal from the Regional Studies Association – is committed to the development of theory and research in territorial politics and the governance of space. The journal is moving to four issues per annum from 2015.

The editors seek original and rigorous critically-oriented research articles for future issues that develop the field.
• Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words.
• The journal will also consider interdisciplinary critical reviews of the field – not normally exceeding 5,000 words.

How to submit:

This journal uses ScholarOne Manuscripts to peer review manuscript submissions.
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