Communities on the move: Effects of diasporas on regional development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Deadline: 1 April 2016 - 12:00am


Regional Studies Association: Call for Papers

This special issue will address the impact of diasporas, mobility and migration on regional economic development. As Beine et al. (2009), put it “Diasporas constitute invisible nations that reside outside their origin countries … migrants who gather in significant numbers in a particular destination country or region”. This results in “communities on the move” across regions, which have in turn become important policy issues worldwide.

Communities on the move bring their own tacit knowledge and social capital to receiving regions and can thus promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. However, they may also modify the pre-existing societal fabric or enhance tensions leading to social problems (e.g. high unemployment), transaction and other economic costs (e.g. displacement of local employment), which may negatively affect regional development. Yet, little is known about how recipient regional economies are affected by communities on the move in spite of the significant research conducted so far, which has mainly focused on the impact of skilled human capital mobility and migration on growth and productivity.

The aim of this special issue is to bring together papers that contribute to understanding the impacts of diasporas, mobility and migration on regional development, innovation and entrepreneurship, offering novel concepts, new systematic empirical evidence and policy guidance.

Relevant topics include:

Opportunities and challenges offered by diasporas, migrations and mobility in the era of globalisation.
The impact of communities on the move, mobility and migration on the creation of new enterprises and/or on economic growth.
The impact of diasporas, mobility and migration on innovation performance.
Policy implications, initiatives and scenarios to deal with communities on the move.

How to submit your paper:

The special issue is subject to the normal process of peer review established within Regional Studies.


Title and Abstract to Guest Editors by 1st April 2016.

Full Papers due by 1st August 2016.

For any queries please contact the Guest Editors: Davide Parrilli, Michaela Trippl and Sandro  Montresor.

Editorial information:

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