Curatorial and Artworks Call for Infecting the City 2016

Deadline: 15 July 2015 - 12:00am

Dates: 7 - 12 March 2016


Where: Cape Town CBD

Conveners: Africa Centre

A project of the Africa Centre, Infecting The City unfolds on the streets and various other public spaces in the Central Business District (CBD) of Cape Town. The Festival provides an unusual opportunity for visual art, music, dance and performance to leave the confines of theatres and galleries to engage with or disrupt Cape Town’s daily movements. The Festival’s programme challenges audiences, shifts perspectives and helps to make sense of the public spaces we occupy.

This call is for both curators and public artists for the 2016 Festival, which will be held 7th – 12th of March.

Curators – Deadline: 30th June 2015

The organisers are seeking proposals from established curators/artistic directors to develop programmes within the Festival. This could be conceived of as a route during the Festival or a grouping of work that is not well suited for a route. These programmes within the Festival could be a:

  • Programme of works related to a particular idea;
  • Series of works in a specific area of the CBD (areas outside the CBD will be considered, but how it links back to the main area of the Festival must be considered and articulated);
  • Concept beyond the constraints of how the Festival has previously been experienced.

Artists – Deadline: 15th July 2015

The organisers are seeking artworks from two categories: New Works and Restaged Works.  Visual, performing artists and practitioners from other disciplines (such as medicine, architecture, economics) are invited to submit.  The work can be a performance, intervention, installation, video, totally interactive or some other form newly imagined. All works should translate to or work within a public environment, and actively engage intentional and incidental audiences alike.

More details on the application process can be found on the Infecting the City website.

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