Innovation, transformation and sustainable futures in Africa [Conference]

Dates: 1 - 4 June 2016


Where: Dakar, Senegal

The diverse and ever changing landscape of Africa testifies to its long tradition of human innovation and transformation. Many African cultures promote innovation, actively shaping their role on the global stage. In the past decade, such initiatives have created steady economic growth, significant improvement in health and education and remarkable changes in political structures in many African nations. Ensuring the sustainability of the rich resources, cultures, and political structures Africa has to offer defines a leading edge of these transformations. At the same time, all three concepts ask to be critically analyzed. Their potential to inspire effective action has been matched by their proven potential for co-optation by external or internal forces.

The inaugural joint conference of the American Anthropological Association and African Studies Association, will present an interdisciplinary occasion to focus research attention on these transformations as they relate to Africa’s future. Hosted in Dakar by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the West African Research Center (WARC), the conference will itself model innovation and creativity in its presentation formats and its location. Dakar, now a city of more than two million people, exemplifies these dynamic changes— developing into a modern, global city while maintaining its rich cultural roots and identity. The keynote addresses and selected sessions will be streamed online to enable participation at a distance. Over the course of the conference proceedings, opportunities will unfold for presenting and discussing ideas in a variety of formats. Proposals are invited for participating in research paper symposia, poster sessions, flash presentations, workshops, and multi-media presentations.

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