Call for Papers: 2014 Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos Conference

Deadline: 30 April 2014 - 12:00am

Dates: 21 - 25 October 2014


Where: Denmark

Venue: Blågårds Plads 1, st. , Copenhagen, 2200 , Denmark

‘Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos’ is an international, interdisciplinary conference exploring how island status influences urban development, common attributes of island cities worldwide, and the opportunities that islandness presents for developing urban cultures and economies. It will also consider how and why different island cities have developed in different ways. The conference to be held 21-25 October 2014 will feature presentations on a variety of subjects relating to urban island culture, government, and economy.

Islands are often associated with peripherality, yet over the course of human history they have also been important sites of urban development. Many important regional and global cities have developed wholly or partially on small islands or archipelagos. Physical separation from the mainland and spatial limitations along with a maritime tradition can encourage the transport of products and ideas, improved defence infrastructure, construction of social capital, consolidation of political power, formation of vibrant cultures, and concentration of population.

Plenary Speakers: Saskia Sassen (Columbia University), Jon Pierre (University of Gothenburg), Christian Wichmann Matthiessen (University of Copenhagen), Godfrey Baldacchino (University of Malta), and Brenda S.A. Yeoh (National University of Singapore).

The deadline for the call for papers is 30 April 2014. For more information on the conference, contact the organisers at [email protected].

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