Call for papers: People Make Cities – Writing and Criticism of Urban Literature after Jane Jacobs

This session invites papers that update the critical conversation surrounding city writing through more self-conscious attention to Jacobs or her urban studies legacy.

Cape Town stadium and Greenpoint at night

Call for papers: Urban Forms and Future Cities

Papers sought for first volume of Urban Planning, which will be dedicated to urban forms and future cities.

Call for papers: African cities in war, analysing dynamic relations between urbanisation and violent conflict in Africa

A call for papers for an special volume entitled “African cities in war, analysing dynamic relations between urbanisation and violent conflict in Africa.” Violent conflict dynamics in Africa are
rarely understood from an urban perspective. However to understand the crucial role of the ‘urban’ in dynamics of violent conflict is crucial in order to seize their future potential as hosts for post-conflict reconstruction and peace-building programmes. The objective of this special issue is thus also to offer a crucial contribution to a more profound understandings of processes of war-urbanisation or ‘violent conflict urbanism’ in Africa.

Southern African City Studies Conference 2016: Call for contributions

The Southern African City Studies Conference will be held in Durban (South Africa) from 17 to 19 March 2016. Call for papers is open.

Call for Papers: Geography Student Conference 2015

This year’s Annual Geography Student Conference with the theme of “Geography in a Changing World” is being hosted by the University of South Africa.

Conference: Celebrating a Century of Geography in South Africa

The Society of South African Geographers conference will celebrate a century of geography in South Africa.

Call for papers: Journal of Urban Cultural Studies

The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is a new peer-reviewed publication cutting across both the humanities and the social sciences in order to better understand the culture(s) of cities. The journal is open to studies that deal with culture, urban spaces and forms of urbanized consciousness the world over.

3rd International Conference on Design, Construction, Maintenance, Monitoring and Control of Urban Water Systems

This conference deals with two main topics: water supply systems and urban drainage.

Call for Papers: 7th African Population Conference

The seventh African Population Conference will be on the theme “Demographic Dividend in Africa: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges”.

Call for papers: Rural-Urban Connections in Sub-Saharan Africa

This conference addresses the dynamic relationships between rural and urban transformations in sub-Saharan Africa.