Ahmedabad, India Skyline

Call for papers: International Conference on Urban Planning, Governance and Design for Reducing Urban Conflicts and Violence

There is a need to re-focus on the potential and possibilities of urban planning, design and governance to create inclusive, just and sustainable cities.

Lagos Skyline

Call for papers: Lagos – From the Pepperfarm to the Megacity (and Beyond)

This conference will consider the question of the rise/return of the city-state through the pasts, presents, and speculative futures of Lagos.

Call for presenters: Eleventh International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Imperial College London invites proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters focused on, ‘An Age and Its Ends: Social Science in the Era of the Anthropocene’.

Call for Papers: 7th African Population Conference

The seventh African Population Conference will be on the theme “Demographic Dividend in Africa: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges”.

Linking Urban and Rural Tourism: Strategies in Sustainability

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for discussion on the latest developments, trends, and research into sustainable tourism that links rural and urban tourism markets, production, and policy, either through supply chain networks, dispersion strategies, joint marketing campaigns, or regional partnerships.

Call for Contributions: The Southern African Cities Conference 2016

The Southern African City Studies Conference 2016 call for contributions seeks participation from scholars in all disciplines based in Southern Africa.

Oxford Future of Cities Conference

The ‘University of Oxford City Debates’ will place scholars who are on the cutting edge of global urban research face-to-face with established and innovative practitioners—architects, activists, policy makers, and artists.

ECREA TWG Media and the City 2015 Conference: 2nd Call for papers and extension of deadline

The conference will feature a special dialogic plenary where participants from different disciplines will be invited to share views on their work in the context of media and the city.

Conference: Twin Cities in Past and Present

The Manchester Centre for Regional History is delighted to host the Twin Cities in Past and Present Conference, Thursday 25th June to Saturday 27th June 2015. The programme of speakers is now complete, and they are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and will be exploring twin cities in many countries across the world.

Call for Papers: Conference on Contested Property Claims

In contemporary societies people generally acquire property within a property regime based on trade, contracts, inheritances, and welfare state redistributions. But these regimes do not always run smoothly.