Theory and reality of urban slums

Article explores income trajectories between South Africa’s urban formal, urban informal and rural areas.

Urban governance and urban food systems in Africa: Examining the linkages

Paper examines state of knowledge about urban governance and urban food systems in Africa.

Who really governs urban Ghana?

Article looks at how urban neighbourhoods in Ghana are really governed and how “hidden” informal networks interact with formal politics.

Untapped finance for African cities: Municipal bonds

Municipal bonds are increasingly seen as a way to plug the finance gap for African cities that face a chronic shortfall in urban financing.

Street vendors and cities

Article explores general workplace insecurity and exclusionary policies towards street vendors.

Urban air pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Time for action

Papers serves as a call for action on air pollution in African cities.

Potential for sustainable urban drainage systems in African cities

Analysis of the theoretical potential of sustainable urban drainage systems in African cities.

Understanding small and intermediate urban centres in Sub-Saharan Africa

David Satterthwhaite evokes the need for a more precise definition of small and intermediate urban centres and argues for a better understanding of the rural-urban continuum.

Is living in African cities expensive?

Price of goods and services consumed by households are up to 31 percent higher in Sub-Saharan Africa than in other low-and middle-income countries – World Bank study.

The multi-level internationalisation of Johannesburg

How Johannesburg consolidated its position on the global city stage.