UN-HABITAT: Green Building Interventions for Social Housing

This publication represents the UN-Habitat’s work on Green and Sustainable Housing in 2015.

Between the City Lights and the Shade of Exclusion: Post-War Accelerated Urban Transformation of Luanda, Angola

Examining the impact of nearly five centuries of war on Luanda’s urban development.

Urban Pacification and “Blitzes” in Contemporary Johannesburg

This paper discussing recent critical theory on pacification, which argues that the term captures the combination of war and police power in the replication of capitalist order.

The potentials of carbon markets for infrastructure investment in sub-Saharan urban Africa

This paper examines the potential role of carbon financing in the form of the Clean Development Mechanism and the growing critiques from across the continent and beyond in relation to this financing pathway.

‘Glocalizing’ Urban Sustainability: The Case of Nairobi, Kenya

The potential of public participation geographic information systems in Nairobi.

Dakar, Touba and the Senegalese cities network produced by climate change

In this paper we analyse the manner in which the degradation of climatic conditions has stimulated mobility in Senegal and contributed to rapid urbanization of Dakar, Touba and other Senegalese cities.

South Africa’s new urban agenda: Transformation or compensation?

One of the dilemmas at the heart of the new urban agenda globally is whether population growth should be accommodated by extensive or intensive urban development. The paper provides a critical and constructive assessment of what lies behind these contrasting agendas.

Material design for Spain's 2010 Expo building

Call for papers: Sustainable City 2016

Call for papers for the 11th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability which addresses all aspects of the urban environment, aiming to provide solutions leading towards sustainability.

Bologna train station in Italy

Call for papers: Green Urbanism

Abstract submission for the 1st international conference on Green Urbanism which reflects upon practical strategies focusing on increasing sustainability beyond and within the scope of individual buildings.

Johannesburg city centre at night

Call for papers: Planning Africa 2016

Call for abstracts and papers for Planning Africa 2016 Conference from the 3-6 of July 2016 in Johannesburg.