Saving Swahili urban landscapes

There is more to East African coastal cities than the typical honeymoon pictures of white sand beaches they produce. The cobbled streets of Lamu Old Town (Kenya), Zanzibar’s Stone Town (Tanzania) and Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique) are lined with Swahili architecture, including former stately homes of Swahili Sultans.

Old meets new at the Addis mercato

In Addis Ababa the urban landscape is changing. Skyscrapers and new roads are going up quickly, and the streets are filled with the hum of construction. The new 50,000 square-metre African Union headquarters, a gift courtesy of China, is just the tip of the building boom in Ethiopia’s capital. Besides being a political hub, Addis […]

Shuga – HIV awareness soap opera – hits Lagos

Popular soap opera confronts HIV/AIDs in Lagos. Shuga, a succesful soap opera that has aired for two seasons in Kenya, has shifted the drama to Lagos.

Abuja-Kaduna rail project 70% complete

The rail system that will connect Abuja and Kaduna is expected to be completed by December 2014.

Nairobi’s dirty money

Nairobi bustles with high-class bars, glitzy hotels and top-end homes. The middle class is growing quickly and Kenya’s government plans to turn Nairobi into an international financial centre by 2025 — part of its goal to pull East Africa’s largest economy into the ranks of newly industrialised nations by 2030.

iHub a mecca for African ICT entrepreneurs

Technology is a necessity rather than a luxury in Kenya. It was the first Sub-Saharan country to establish a government open data platform. Kenyans use the application PesaPal for online shopping and payment of bus tickets, electricity and water bills. They transfer money with M-Pesa. This demonstrates the adaptability of Kenyan society to new technologies. […]

Making electronic connections with Ten Cities

Club culture has not been widely researched, especially in Africa. And with electronic music taking off with increasing force in Africa from the nightclubs of Nairobi to Johannesburg, the Ten Cities project is presented as an innovative and original project on the front line of the latest urban sounds, able to locate the most groundbreaking […]

Plan Directeur D’urbanisme De Dakar Horizon «2025»

Dans le cadre de son programme d’appui aux collectivités locales, le Ministère de l’Urbanisme, de l’Habitat, de l’Hydraulique et de l’Assainissement, a confié au groupement de bureaux d’études Cabinet d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme du Sénégal (CAUS) et le bureau Central des Etudes d’Outre Mer (BCEOM), les études du plan directeur d’urbanisme de la ville de Dakar horizon 2025.

Provision of ARVs in a resource-poor setting: Kibera Slum, Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s largest informal settlements. Health indicators are extremely poor and HIV prevalence is estimated at 20%, almost twice the national average. Despite ARV drugs being made available in a pilot programme implemented by African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC), enrolment rates into the programme have been very low raising questions about strategies for providing ARV in resource-poor settings. Description: Since 1998 AMREF has been implementing a community-based health care project …

Understanding the emerging role of motorcycles in African cities: A political economy perspective

This paper attempts to evaluate the commercial motorcycle mode used in the three cities of Douala, Lagos, and Kampala, based on their political economy context in order to draw general conclusions of value throughout Africa and the rest of the developing world. The evaluation underscores the linkages between governance failure and weak sector performance and highlights the need to adapt policy instruments to local political and economic context. Central to discussion is the necessity to develop a participation framework driven by open communications…