• Artists as urban catalysts in downtown Cairo

    Last December the Goethe Institute hosted a panel discussion titled “Artists as Urban Catalysts in Downtown Cairo.” The event was organized by Beth Stryker and Omar Nagati (Cluster) and supported by the Ford Foundation. Invited panelists represented two types of stakeholders in downtown: property owners (Karim Shafei, CEO of Al Ismaelia Real Estate Development, and […]

  • National train driver strike paralyses Egyptian transport system

    In Egypt, the largest train driver strike in almost 30 years has crippled national transport services. Beginning Saturday night, strikers caused trains to stop running from three key cities  — Cairo, the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and Tanta in the Nile Delta — immobilising the network nationwide. As of Monday, nearly 1,100 train trips had been […]

  • The “White City” and Egypt’s modernist heritage

    In 2003 UNESCO added Tel Aviv’s “White City” to its list of world heritage sites. The “White City” consists of three zones (central White City, Lev Hair and Rothschild Avenue, and the Bialik Area) containing around 4,000 buildings built from the 1930s to the 1950s in various interpretations of the modernist style. Tel Aviv was […]

  • Egyptians defy emergency law

    Egyptian protesters defied a nighttime curfew in restive towns along the Suez Canal, attacking police stations and ignoring emergency rule imposed by Islamist President Mohamed Mursi to end days of clashes that have killed at least 52 people. At least two men died in overnight fighting in the canal city of Port Said in the […]

  • Egypt: Protests mark 2nd revolution anniversary

    Aswat Masriya reports on demonstrators’ activities, in “Scuffles between protesters, security forces in downtown Cairo.” A live newsfeed from The Guardian keeps one updated with the current situation in Cairo. Sky News LIVE shares a multimedia report on the reaction of Egyptian citizens towards the revolution’s anniversary. “Clashes in Egypt on eve of uprising anniversary,” by Agence […]

  • Demonstrators clash with police in Alexandria

    Dozens of people have been arrested following clashes outside a court in Alexandria where police officers were on trial for the killing of protesters during the January 25 Revolution. Fighting erupted on Sunday between protesters and security forces after the trial judges announced they would step down just one day before they were due to […]

  • Building collapses in Alexandria

    Twenty-three people were killed and eleven were injured on Wednesday morning when an eight-story building collapsed in Alexandria. Rescue efforts are ongoing as an official expects more bodies to be found under the rubble of the collapsed building of 24 flats. According to the governor, the East Alexandria building that collapsed during the early hours […]

  • Clashes in Egyptian cities reveal ongoing divisions

    Egyptian police have fired tear gas as supporters of President Mohamed Morsi clashed with opposition activists besieging a mosque in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. Friday night’s clashes come just hours before voting is to start around the country on a divisive new constitution. The protests started after a Muslim cleric appealed for support for […]

  • How Cairo moves around the city

    Cairo’s traffic is often portrayed as a reflection of Egyptian society. The street life has transformed dramatically over the course of the past several decades due to the widening gap between rich and poor and the government’s timid policies on public transportation. While only 15 percent of Cairo’s population own private cars, the city functions […]

  • Tear-gas in Tahrir

    Anti-riot police fired tear gas on Saturday to disperse protesters camped out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as Western governments voiced growing concern over Islamist President Mohamed Morsi’s assumption of sweeping powers. A hard core of opposition activists had spent the night in the iconic protest hub — epicentre of the popular uprising that toppled veteran […]

  • The city and Egypt’s constitution 2013

    Last year as a new constitution (for Egypt) was drafted issues pertaining to the right to housing, right to the city, protection and management of patrimony, right to information (including municipal budgets, etc) and the right to elect municipal officials including governors were almost entirely excluded from the final draft or were given vague unbinding […]