• Telling Time: Bamako Encounters

    After two years of interruption following conflict in Mali, the photography biennale, Bamako Encounters, returns to Bamako.

  • Bamako’s ‘Marshall Plan’ for housing won’t help urban poor

    In an attempt to build away Bamako’s housing problem, authorities in the Malian capital have pledged to construct 50,000 new homes for low and middle-income earners over the next five years. But what the housing minister call a ”Marshall Plan” to provide cheap housing fails to assist those who need it most. In one Bamako neighborhood new ”affordable” housing is actually not that affordable.

  • Hard to access: Bamako’s exclusionary housing market

    For a majority of Bamako residents finding affordable housing in the Malian capital has become increasingly difficult. An unregulated housing market where real estate agents and private house owners hike up prices, failed social housing schemes, corruption and no leases means many tenants live in constant fear of being evicted or sudden rent increases.

  • Bamako leases out its waste problem

    In a bid to clean up Bamako’s dusty streets and improve living conditions for the city’s over 2 million inhabitants, Mali has leased its waste disposal to Moroccan waste management company the Ozone Group with a $123 million contract.

  • Food supply running low in northern Mali city

    Food is getting scarce in many of the markets in parts of the Gao region of northern Mali and stocks are likely to end in few weeks, according to Oxfam. Communities have been facing shortages since last year’s drought and conflict and will struggle to afford or even to find enough food to eat if […]

  • Northern territories rife with rebel activity

    MALI: Latest on the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents’ activity is reported by Al Jazeera, in “Mali rebels advance despite French airstrikes.” IRIN News reports on the fear-stricken capital of Mali’s Mopti region, in “Panic in Mopti as rebels move southwards.” SUDAN: Local news source Radio Dabanga reports of displaced persons “pouring” into the cities of Nertiti and […]