• A bumpy ride towards claiming credibility

    FREETOWN: Think Africa Press relays the ‘okada’ riders’ joint struggle for their service to be recognised as an accountable, valuable and effective mode of public transport in Sierra Leone’s capital. Read here. BAMENDA: New regulations are being implemented by Bamenda’s City Council to restrict the routes of commercial bike riders to untarred roads. Local news […]

  • The sand miners of Sierra Leone: working and waiting

    “It is difficult as a young man here in Sierra Leone,” says 16-year-old sand miner Adraman Kamara, standing on the banks of the Sierra Leone River in a small village 20 kilometres east of Freetown. “We are told to work for our money and help our families. We are told by the government that we […]

  • Young men struggling for work in Freetown

    When I met Ibrahini Sorio Jalloh in Freetown, Sierra Leone, he was unpacking second-hand clothing from a huge hessian bag and setting up his stall in Kabiya Lots Market, a five-minute walk from the iconic Cotton Tree in the city center. “I live with fifteen people in my house. That’s why I sell ‘junks’,” says […]

  • Diamond mining, urbanisation and social transformation in Sierra Leone

    This contribution critically explores changing relationships between diamond mining and patterns of urbanisation in Sierra Leone. In providing an historical overview of mining expansion and contraction, the paper highlights the significant impacts that mining has had on the rural urban continuum, and how this has shaped political, economic and social change in diamondiferous regions. Focusing on Kono District, the effects of diamond mining on populations are evaluated before, during and after the civil war…