• Citizenship on the urban edge: separated by space

    “Molweni,” said an old man as he entered the Quantum taxi after flagging it down on a street crawling with activity somewhere between the Site C taxi rank and the exit road from Khayelitsha. The greeting prompted appropriate responses from the seated passengers. It was late on a Friday afternoon and the sidewalk he’d been […]

  • Adapting to a changing climate in South Africa

    This short film captures the key messages and debates emerging from the first Southern Africa Adaptation Colloquium. The colloquium was held in November 2013 and co-hosted by the African Centre for Cities’ Climate Change Think Tank (a partnership of the Mistra Urban Futures programme), the University of Cape Town’s African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI), […]

  • Cape Town’s eastern fast food scene

    “How are you?” I ask the man behind the counter, who wears a smile as wide as his belly, at the Eastern Food Bazaar, a fast food joint in a corridor between Longmarket and Darling Street in the heart of Cape Town. “Ey, I’m tired!” is his response. “Tell me you at least get a […]

  • Public art infects Cape Town

    Infecting the City hit Cape Town last week. Christy Zinn reports on how the public art festival raises questions about citizenship and belonging in the mother city.

  • Africa is Now

    The presence of some of the world’s most established designers, architects, innovators and artists was a highlight for exhibitors at Cape Town’s 2014 Design Indaba Expo that took place over the weekend at the city’s International Conference Centre. With over 200 new exhibitors taking part, among them selected local “emerging creatives” and African international innovators, […]

  • The fight for Philippi

    The Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA), a mere twenty-minute drive southwest of Cape Town’s city centre, is a historically agricultural area that in recent years has come under much contestation regarding its future prospects. The land in question is intensively farmed and produces over 50 percent of vegetables consumed in the city. It is being threatened […]

  • Cape Town celebrates World Town Planning Day

    On 14 November 2013, the City of Cape Town invited delegates to a conference entitled ‘Planning, the critical link in the development process’, to mark World Town Planning Day (celebrated internationally on the 8th of November). This conference, the content and theme of which was organised by members of the African Centre for Cities Mistra […]

  • Encountering “the nature of cities” through tree planting

    I have planted lots of trees around schools in Cape Town. Each experience has been profoundly different from the next, but there have been common threads running through each experience — muddy feet and hands; the strong stem of a young tree as I carry it from the bakkie to the planting site; the unwieldy […]

  • Cape Town’s citizens vote on the streets

    When the Open Streets event was finally confirmed for Saturday 26 October, we knew that it would be a good opportunity to get our Your City Idea installation (YCI) – now officially a World Design Capital, Cape Town 2014 project – onto the streets of Observatory (Lower Main Road, a 900m stretch closed to cars […]

  • Not enough reasons to celebrate Transport Month, yet

    October was important for the 278 municipalities in South Africa as it heralded the start of transport month. However, for the urban metros in particular it provided the opportunity and platform to share knowledge and information about how they are transforming our public transport facilities into an effective and reliable system that accommodates the needs […]