• Increased number of beggars in Zanzibar

    While some have reacted to news of the increase in beggars in Zanzibar’s cities with empathy and constructive solutions, other have demanded that government “eliminate the menace”, according to Tanzania Daily News. The study revealed that 65 percent of beggars in urban areas are women; most are between the ages of 40 and 60. Minister […]

  • Planning and Replanning Ng’ambo – Zanzibar

    The planning of Zanzibar was taken into hands by the British colonial administration in order to develop a neatly segregated modern city. In this process, the historic eastern part of the city, Ng’ambo, was stigmatized as the informal, native quarter, as opposed to the elite part of the city, ‘Stone Town’. Notwithstanding the multiple attempts to replace Ng’ambo with a planned modernist quarter, Ng’ambo resisted and developed its own modernity.